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Is your company's staff and sales force connecting with customers? Do you understand your customers' needs? We provide an in-depth analysis of your customers, products, services and channels.

PROJECT EXAMPLE: Market Share Analysis
A market leader in the post-acute health care segment engaged Phlegar & Associates to perform a market share analysis. During a two-month timeframe, the firm conducted 250 interviews. The study results were particularly instructive in the areas of decision parameters and conversion plans.
  • Decision Parameters. Understanding the decision-maker, decision timeline, and budget levels were key in directing sales efforts in the most efficient manner.
  • Conversion Plans. By detailing the conversion plans of key customers, including when and to what they planned to convert, the client was able to pinpoint areas for increased market penetration and expansion.
By ascertaining the client's level of competitive advantage, Phlegar & Associates assisted the client in charting a course for business development efforts.

PROJECT EXAMPLE: Optimizing a Product Launch
Phlegar & Associates constructed the market entry strategy for a physician software company. The firm assessed distribution channel options, market penetration and competitor market share to optimize product launch.