Phlegar & Associates Through excellent communication, a client should experience no 'surprises' during the course of its engagement with Phlegar & Associates.

How Phlegar Can Help

Phlegar & Associates can provide assistance in a specific area, but we are most effective when we focus on four major areas to illuminate opportunities: market opportunity, internal assessment, visioning, competitive landscape.

For examples of projects in each of these areas, click on the image below. Read a short description of each section by rolling your mouse over that area:
Most often our clients come to us with a problem. Their products or services are not meeting their expectations, or they may have several offerings, but do not have a strategy for selling and filling the pipeline. For others, they need a better understanding of their customers to determine where they should focus. Some clients utilize all of our services to illuminate strategic opportunities. Read a case study of one such comprehensive approach.

We provide a customized approach applying expertise based on your needs so that you have a qualified, focused team working for you. Our clients choose us because nothing is lost in translation from initial meeting to project execution. Through our comprehensive approach, we can help you identify and leverage your company's strengths. Ready to get started? Contact us.